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Trainings with the staff of Municipalities continue with topics on "Agriculture and Environment"

The training series on European Union Policies and Legislation, organized by ASPA and "Municipalities for Europe", a project funded by the European Union, continued on 27 and 28 October 2022.
The second training session is focused on Agriculture and Environment.
The attendees were greeted on the first day by Mrs. Blerta Hyska, Training Manager at the Albanian School of Public Administration and Mrs. Jolanda Trebicka, head of the "Municipalities for Europe" Project.

Book reading in October / "Municipalities for Europe" donate books to students in Divjaka

In October, a month baptized by the Ministry of Culture as the "Book Reading Month", the Municipality of Divjaka joined the Book Fair, organized at the "Koli Sako" high school in Divjaka.
In addition to the donations made by the Local Office of Pre-University Education in Divjakë and a Publishing House, the Office of European Integration in the Municipality of Divjaka gave its contribution to the activity through the "Donate a book, open a window" project, funded by "Municipalities for Europe".

Networking meeting with EU Integration Units, the launching of the second call for grants and messages from all parties involved

On April 12, 2022, the "EU for Municipalities" project, in cooperation with the "Municipalities for Europe" project, and with the support of the European Union, held a networking meeting in Tirana with the participation of heads of EU Integration Units in the 61 municipalities of Albania, as well as representatives from the municipalities of Southeast European countries.

The two projects "EU for Municipalities" and "Municipalities for Europe" continue the information sessions in Elbasan

The "EU for Municipalities" and "Municipalities for Europe 2.0" projects, funded by the European Union, have continued in the city of Elbasan, the series of information sessions on the Second Call of the "EU for Municipalities" Grant Scheme, where they participated the staff of the European Integration Units, in the municipalities of the Central Albania region.

"Municipalities for Europe", two days of Info-Sessions on Horizon 2021-2027

For two days, the Project "Municipalities for Europe" has held information sessions with the staff of the European Integration Units, for the "Horizon Europe" programme, which is one of the first of the new EU programs that has opened new calls.
The first information / training session focused on the municipalities, where a presentation on these programs as well as the efforts that municipalities shoould put, in order to benefit as much as possible, was made by Mrs. Mirela Muça, General Director of the Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation (NACA).

2nd meeting of the Steering Committee of the project "Municipalities for Europe" takes place

The 2nd meeting of the Steering Committee of the Project "Municipalities for Europe", a project funded by the European Union, took place in Tirana.

Representatives of the Project, the EU delegation, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the Agency for Local Self-Government, the Office of the Chief Negotiator and the Association of Local Autonomy, were present at the discussions that took place at the Ministry of Interior.

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