“Municipalities for Europe” and ASPA present the findings of the training needs assessment

  • Posted on: 22 October 2021
  • By: admin

The Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA), the main partner of the Municipalities for Europe Project, has recently conducted a Needs Assessment for Local Government Training in all 61 municipalities of Albania, among others.

The findings of the Report were presented at an event organized by MfE and ASPA in the form of a Focus Group, with the staff of the European Integration Units from 11 municipalities. 

ASPA Representative, Mrs. Adela Kula and the project team of Municipalities for Europe, have discussed about the conclusions and validation of this Assessment.

Since a good part of this Draft Report findings will serve as the basis for the training curriculum that will be developed during the "Municipalities for Europe" project, the staff of the integration units have provided their opinions regarding their needs, taking into consideration the reality in the municipalities where they operate.