"Performance of Municipalities", Devolli's turn for the presentation of the Evaluation Report

  • Posted on: 3 October 2020
  • By: admin

Municipalities for Europe organized the large online meeting of the Municipality of Devoll for the presentation of the Performance Evaluation Report of 2019. In the activity, moderated jointly by the Project Manager, Mrs. Jolanda Trebicka and the Head of the European Integration Unit in the Municipality of Devoll, Mr. Remzi Kutrolli, were present the Mayor of Devoll, Mr. Eduard Duro, the Director of AMVV, Mr. Bekim Murati, the Coordinator of Cross-Border Programs in the EU Delegation, Mrs. Francesca Renzi, as well as members of the administration and the Municipal Council of Devoll.

The Mayor of Devoll welcomed the meeting, emphasizing "the role that municipalities have in the integration process, given that 70 percent of EU legislation is implemented at the local level." Furthermore, the Mayor while listing the challenges faced by local governments in their daily work, and in particular in terms of the integration process, thanked the Agency for the Support of Local Self Government, the EU delegation, and the team of the "Municipalities for Europe” project, for the support provided in building capacities of the local administration staff in order to cope with these tasks.

The Director of the Agency for the Support of Local Self Government, Mr. Bekim Murati, once again reemphasized the readiness of the institution he leads, to support all 61 municipalities of Albania in this challenging process, which as he said “must be carried out until the very end because it is the aspiration of the vast majority of Albanian citizens”. For this reason, Mr. Murati recalled the journey that has been made by the integration units which were transformed from EU Corners to already consolidated units, as structures on which local government bodies should rely on the road to integration of Albania in the EU and the fulfillment of the obligations that these institutions have in this process.

Mrs. Renzi, the representative of the EU Delegation thanked the staff of the “Municipalities for Europe” project for the efforts made in maintaining contacts with local government units even in this difficult time that is being experienced not only Albania, but also to demonstrate that, as she expressed “the cooperation between the EU and Albania is continuing at full speed".

Mrs. Renzi further stated that "the support of the European Union offers a further chance for the citizens and the staff of the municipalities, to rise to a higher level and to increase their power in participatory and decision-making processes, at all levels". According to Mrs. Renzi “cross-border cooperation, a sector that I cover, is a very good opportunity, especially for those cities and territories that are far from the center and the from the capital city, but which have the chance to turn their proximity with bordering cities of neighboring countries into a great opportunity".

Further on, the experts of the EU funded project "Municipalities for Europe", presented the findings and recommendations of the Performance Evaluation Report, as well as the different European Union funding opportunities for Albania.