2nd meeting of the Steering Committee of the project "Municipalities for Europe" takes place

  • Posted on: 28 February 2022
  • By: admin

The 2nd meeting of the Steering Committee of the Project "Municipalities for Europe", a project funded by the European Union, took place in Tirana.

Representatives of the Project, the EU delegation, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the Agency for Local Self-Government, the Office of the Chief Negotiator and the Association of Local Autonomy, were present at the discussions that took place at the Ministry of Interior.

The Deputy Minister of Interior, Ms. Romina Kuko, congratulating the work done by the project to date, stressed that the Ministry of Interior remains fully committed to its supporting and coordinating role in order to progress and accelerate the European Integration process, as an unwavering partner of the EU Delegation to Albania. "We will continue to work closely with our EU partners and the "Municipalities for Europe" project, to further strengthen the structures of European integration, as key actors in the integration process at the local level," she said.

The Project Manager at the EU Delegation in Tirana, Mr. Orlando Fusco emphasized the fact that, bringing together all EU funded projects in one roundtable, where everyone has a well defined task in support of local government, complements the framework of support that the EU is providing in this regard. According to him, "with the support of MB, AMVV, ASPA, MEFA and now SASPAK, MFE and Associations of Municipalities, the project has managed to succeed in achieving its objectives."

The General Director of AMVV, Mr. Enea Hoti praised the fact that the number of municipalities that are already implementing EU-funded projects is increasing, including small municipalities which previously lacked the necessary capacities.

Meanwhile, a presentation of the achievements of the project so far was made by its Director, Mrs. Jolanda Trebicka.