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In the framework of the European calendar, precisely the "European Week of Cities and Regions", with the support of the "Municipalities for Europe" project, the European Integration Unit in the Municipality of Pogradec organized an activity focused on the "Blue Economy".
The activity was carried out with the youth from the "Gjergj Pekmez" high school, who were introduced to the concept of the Blue Economy, as a long-term strategy, that aims to support sustainable economic growth through sectors and activities related to oceans, seas, lakes and rivers, by focusing on the preservation of the biodiversity of the waters.
The students were accompanied to the premises of the fish breeding center in the village of Lin, a World Bank investment.
The construction of this fish breeding center is an asset of the city of Pogradec, as it is where the Koran fish, that identifies Lake Ohrid, comes to life. Essentially, this center is a promoter of Blue Economy, as it is part of an important chain, as is the increase of fish, economic growth, and the development of tourism in the city.
The students saw from up close the environment of this center, the breeding process, the conservation of the lake ecosystem, aquaculture and the importance of developing these specialties that the young people know little or nothing about.
The activity coincides with the month in which the fish is thrown into the lake for breeding purposes, with 1.5 to 2 million thrown every year.