You are the future! Vau i Dejës Integration Unit, meets with excellence students

  • Posted on: 25 June 2020
  • By: admin

"I continue to believe that if children have been given the opportunity, they can make any dream come true!" This statement by US Senator David Vitter seems to have inspired the mayor of Vau i Dejes, Mr. Mark Babani, who held one of the most special public hearings, specifically reserved for high school excellence students in the territory of the Vau i Dejës Municipality. 

Today is one of the most beautiful days and you are the most welcome visitors, so in addition to motivating us to serve the community’s interests with more devotion and responsibility, your presence is also an incentive for offering a different approach to the prioritization of youth policies that provide a long-term perspective and a clearer vision of integration, relying on new capacities coming from your generation". This is what the Mayor Mr. Mark Babani addressed to the youth council of the municipality, composed of excellence students from the local high schools.

"You are the future, you are the hope for development and our expectations from you are big. for Thanks to its Geography, the Municipality of Vau-Dejës, enjoys three important potentials, which in the future can be translated into developmental realities: Energy, Agriculture and Tourism. It is precisely this great potential that with work and dedication and with the provision of well-developed human capacities can be turned into a source of well-being for our residents.

In this meeting, Mayor Babani, introduced young people to the numerous investments that are taking place in the area, but also to the reforms that have been undertaken, always aiming at the continuous improvement of services for the residents.

During the conversation, Mayor Babani, pointed out that one of the reasons for the rapid changes in the municipality of Vau i Dejës, has been the cooperation with the community, various links and factors of the local government, individuals and contributors that love their country and are investing in it. All of this cooperation and these changes have been achieved thanks to the credibility and the ability to create a different panorama of the functioning of the institution, where citizens and the provision of high quality services to address their needs, remain the priorities of the Municipality. 

Young people showed interest in investments directly related to youth. They made several requests for additional investments such as in libraries, youth centers, parks, and entertainment venues.

The Mayor introduced young people to the budget for the reconstruction of schools in 2020, as well as the rapid start of public works and forecasts for the reconstruction of the cultural center.

This meeting was held in the framework of the "Municipalities for Europe” project, which is financed by the European Union, and was held under the special care of the European Integration Office, in the Municipality of Vau i Dejës.

With the innovation brought by its head, Mrs. Entela Kolaj, the EU integration office in the Vau i Dejës has organized numerous meetings with various target groups of this municipality, focusing on the role that the community plays in the country's integration processes, as well as addressing various issues related to the sensitivity of this process.

The young people were also acquainted with the call for "Young European Ambassadors from the Western Balkans". The call is expected to generate a network of 60 young people who will be organic influencers among their peers and eager to engage in public diplomacy actions. The Mayor of Vau i Dejës and the Head of the European Integration Office encouraged young people to apply. The application deadline is July 15, 2020. /