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"Municipalities for Europe" and ASPA conducted on June 15-16, 2023 in Tirana, a training for the first group of staff members from the European Integration Units of and respective municipalities. The training focused on the successive phases of project application, within the framework of the Twinning and Citizen Engagement calls, under the European Union's Twinning and Civil Society Program (CERV).
Ms. Elda Baguca, ASPA representative, emphasized the importance of participating in these practical trainings for the attendees, with the aim of strengthening capacities and increasing opportunities for municipalities to benefit from the funds allocated by the European Union. 
Similarly, Ms. Jolanda Trebicka, project manager of "Municipalities for Europe," provided an overview of the trainings organized by this project in collaboration with ASPA and other actors, which, according to her, have had a direct impact on increasing the number of successful applications from municipalities. She highlighted the crucial role played by the engaged staff members of the European Integration Units.
The training was organized as part of ASPA’s curriculum within the “Municipalities for Europe" project which is funded by the European Union with the support of the Ministry of Culture, acting as the National Coordinator of the CERV Program for Albania.