"Youth in Action", 2-day tour organised through the cooperation of EU Integration Units of Roskovec, Belsh, Elbasan

  • Posted on: 15 August 2019
  • By: admin

The European Integration Units in the municipalities of Roskovec, Belsh and Elbasan held a two-day tour of these three Local Government Units on August 13-14, with a group of young high school students from each city.
Activities started in the cities of Belsh and Elbasan ending in the city of Roskovec, where about 30 young people, led by the EU Coordinators of these municipalities, engaged in activities which included:
-Hearings with the mayors of each municipality involved in this initiative, in relation to meeting the requirements of young people for European standards of quality of life, environment, education, public services and recreation.
-Opportunities for young people in the European Union.
-Encouraging youth to volunteer and promote leadership.
The students had an interactive conversation with the Mayors of Roskovec and Elbasan, Ms. Majlinda Bufi and Mr. Gledian Llatja.
This tour was conceived in the form of a trip, sharing experiences and concerns with local authorities, for a European Albania. The itineraries of these selected students were meant to recognize common realities, cultural values and traditions of cities, to recognize best practices at the municipal level, to recognize the concerns of young people in other units of government. local, as well as acquaintance with other realities and destinations.
This tour was a great opportunity for all these young people to socialize with others peers and in the other cities, and to have productive discussions together even in moments of recreation, ideas and thoughts about a European Albania, whose development awaits exactly from the new generation.
This activity was implemented in cooperation with the municipalities of the cities involved in this initiative and the full support of the project "Municipalities for Europe".