Stories from the ground

Within the frame of the "International Earth Day", on 22 April, the European Integration Unit, of the Lushnje Municipality organized in the premises of the "Vaçe Zela" Art Center, an event titled "Be a Friend of Earth. 

A painting competition was held during this activity, attended by 35 students from 9-year cycle schools of the city of Lushnje. 

Two third prizes were won by the schools "Kongresi i Lushnjes" and "Karbunarë e Madhe”, two second prizes from the schools “Nënshkruesi i Pavarësisë" and "Gramshi”, while the first prize was awarded to the school "Barbullinjë".

The EU Corner in the Municipality of Vlora has continued implementing the activities of informative purposes in the administrative units of this municipality. 

On Tuesday, April 23, 2019, the EU Corner moved to the Novosela Unit, at the United High School, where under the lead of the EU Coordinator of Vlora Municipality, Fabiola Deliaj, youth participated in one hour of information and discussions, where Agriculture was the main topic. 

19 APRIL 2019 – The Coordination Unit for European Integration and Foreign Assistance at the Municipality of Belsh, in cooperation with the General Director of the "Center for Planning and Development of the Polog Region" in Macedonia, Mr. Fatmir Sahitaj, , presented in front of the Belsh City Council the project "DETOUR" (Development of Tourism Products Through Utilization of Resources) 

Selenica, April 25, 2019 - Europe House in cooperation with the Coordination Unit for European Integration and Foreign Assistance in the Municipality of Selenica, held a theatrical play for children with the theme: "Vitamins of Life".

This activity was attended by the students and teachers of the 9-year cycle School "Todi Koçeli" in Selenica. The show was fun, entertaining and educational for the kids especially regarding healthy nutrition.

On April 10, 2019, the 9-year cycle School "Qybra Sokoli" in the city of Prrenjas organized an event themed "International Sport Day". This event was attended by all age groups and various activities were carried out. The Coordination Unit for European Integration and Foreign Assistance of Prrenjas participated in the cooperation with second grade students.

On Friday, 12 April 2019, the Comission for EU Integration held its next meeting in the city of Përmet. The European Integration and Foreign Assistance Coordination Unit, in the Municipality of Përmet, assisted in organization of the meeting.

The EU Corner at the Municipality of Përmet in cooperation with the organization Beyond Barriers organized on 29.10.2018 an informative session with Përmet's young people about the most important EU youth program, ERASMUS +. 
The young people received information about the opportunities offered by the Erasmus Plus program in Albania and more detailed information on youth exchanges, volunteering and training.

A large part of the youngsters did not have any information on this program but the curiosity and the desire to take advantage of these opportunities was great.

On May 7, 2018, in the Municipality of Prrenjas, in the premises of the Municipal Council office, the EU Corner in this city facilitated the meeting with the reeves of the villages of the Municipality under the European Union's IPARD II program, significant for agriculture and rural development in Albania.

During the meeting, participants had the opportunity to get close to the opportunities offered by this program and to find answers to a series of questions they were concerned about the continuation/persistence of farm businesses in their villages.

On June 5, 2018, the EU Corner in the Municipality of Prrenjas in cooperation with the environmental association “Agri-en” on the World Environment Day organized an activity for environmental clean-up,
In this activity participated together with the administration of the Municipality, also students from the secondary school in Prrenjas Village.

The EU Corner in the Municipality of Prrenjas on June 8, 2018 organized a training on the “Project Management Cycle”
This training was attended by municipal administration officials from the Legal Department, Social Services, Urban Planning Directorate, and Directorate of Finance etc. Who received the necessary information on how to write a project proposal. This skill acquired during the project trainings of Municipalities in Europe was provided to the municipal staff by the EU coordinator in the city.