"Promoting local and traditional products of the Kurbin area" event organised in Kurbin Municipality on 14 September 2018

  • Posted on: 18 September 2018
  • By: admin

On 14 September 2018, the EU Desk and Municipality of Kurbin organised the ago-cultural fair "Promoting Local and Traditional Products of the Kurbin Area".  The purpose of the fair was to promote businesses and various agro-agricultural products, cultural ethnography, as well as Kurbin's culinary. 

As part of the event was also the "Forum with Farmers and SMEs of the Kurbin Area". The purpose of the forum was to gather together farmers, local businesses, local authorities, central authorities and other stakeholders to discuss about the opportunities offered by the EU and its member countries through different funding programs.

The forum was attended by the representative of the EU Delegation, Tirana Mr Lazar Korra; the representative of the Italian Trade Agency, Mr Edgar Gjinaj, as well as the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, who shared important information with the participants about the opportunities offered by the European Union or the Italian Trade Agency for local producers. The representative of the Ministry of Agriculture Mrs Violeta Bakalli presented the Grant Scheme from the EU IPARD II 2014-2020 Program "Development of the Agro-Food Sector in Albania". During the forum different views were shared by the participants, who also presented the challenges they face to access the IPARD funds. One of the problems raised by the agribusiness operators   was the difficulty of preparing the documentation for application and the high costs involved which for them was a big obstacle. Another problem raised was the issue of the origin of goods that need to be from the EU countries. The representative of the European Delegation Mr Korra and the representative of Italian Trade Agency Mr Gjinaj explained the nature of the EU grants or grants from the EU member states and the principle of the European tax-payers as the contributors. 

The major problems that farmers and agro- business operators in these areas faced in addition to financial support, are also technical  problems to t properly fulfil the quality standards requires for enabling them to the access with their products the European market.

This activity was realized in cooperation with the World Vision branch, Kurbin