The International Environmental and Youth Weeks find echo in Bulqiza

  • Posted on: 16 May 2018
  • By: admin

Activities of the EU Corners continue in all the municipalities of Albania. 14 May 2018 marked a very important activity for Bulqiza, as the city’s EU Corner, in cooperation with the Municipalities for Europe Project and the City Hall, organized the International Week of the Environment and that of Youth in the form of a thematic debate followed by a competition on logic and knowledge among the young.
The activity was attended by representatives of central and local government, civil society organizations and was followed by a wide audience comprised from the citizens of Bulqiza.
In his opening remarks, Mr. Melaim Damzi, Mayor of Bulqiza, after welcoming the participants, stressed the need for a sustainable development of the Bulqiza region, which has not only a wonderful but very rich nature and that it offers the country, enormous incomes. He stressed that attention in this city should go towards improving the life quality of the citizens of Bulqiza by carefully exploiting the province's natural resources. Following his speech, Mrs. Jens Sinakolli, Task Manager for the Education and Youth Sector, at the EU Delegation in Albania, listed all European Union initiatives in various sectors throughout Albania, from where the city of Bulqiza and its citizens can benefit.
Mr. Shpat Kolgega, Deputy Minister of Education and Youth focused his speech on "Internships and Education in the European Union" bringing to the audience a wealth of information on how young people from the city of Bulqiza can access these academic and professional trainings.

Later on, the meeting continued with a broad session of questions and responses between the panel and the audience, ending with a competition called "Debate Champion" among the youth of the city. The topic of the competition focused on some important issues such as:

  • Pros and Cons of EU Integration
  • European Union according to me
  • My municipality in the European Union.