Ambasadori Soreca, takim me përgjegjësit e Njësive të Integrimit në 61 Bashkitë e Shqipërisë

Ambasadori i Bashkimit Evropian në Shqiperi, Z. Luigi Soreca, si dhe Kryenegociatori i Shqipërisë në BE, Ambasadori Zef Mazi, kanë zhvilluar një takim online me përgjegjësit dhe koordinatorët e Njësive të Integrimit Evropian në të 61 Bashkitë e Shqipërisë. Në takimin e organizuar nga “Bashkitë për në Evropë”, një projekt i financuar nga BE, ka marrë pjesë Zëvendësministrja e Brendshme, Znj. Romina Kuko dhe Drejtori i Agjencisë për Mbështetjen e Vetëqeverisjes Vendore, Z. Bekim Murati.

24 Jul 2020

The 2020 European Week of Regions and Cities had two major challenges to address: organising a major event in the post-pandemic world and managing an absolute record of partners’ applications (more than double compared to last year). The solution? Three weeks instead of one!

29 Jun 2020

On June 26, the European Integration Unit in the Municipality of Tropoja initiated under the auspices of the Mayor of Tropoja Mr. Rexhe Byberi, a symbolic celebration on the occasion of the opening of the summer touristic season in Valbona.

Local and national personalities not only from Albania but also from Kosovo and Montenegro assisted the event and discussed about the importance of regional and cross-border cooperation not only in the field of tourism but in all domains of mutual interest.

26 Jun 2020
"You are the future, you are the hope for development and our expectations from you are big. for Thanks to its Geography, the Municipality of Vau-Dejës, enjoys three important potentials, which in the future can be translated into developmental realities: Energy, Agriculture and Tourism. It is precisely this great potential that with work and dedication and with the provision of well-developed human capacities can be turned into a source of well-being for our residents.
24 Jun 2020

The European Integration Units staff, in all 61 Municipalities of Albania, gathered in an online meeting, organized and coordinated by the Municipalities for Europe project and led by the director of the Agency for the Support of Local Self-Government, Mr. Bekim Murati. The extended meeting was attended by 105 participants, thanks to the infrastructure provided by MfE.

18 Jun 2020

The "Municipalities for Europe" project, continued training officials and specialists of the European Integration Units in all municipalities of Albania, even during times of restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, by adapting the training sessions with online technology.

From 8 to 11 June 2020, "MfE" continued the training on "Coordinating Foreign Assistance", in partnership with the Albanian School of Public Administration. These trainings are part of the curriculum for European integration at the local level.

17 Jun 2020

In the framework of the "International Day Against Child Labor", the European Integration Unit in the Municipality of Lushnja, organized an activity in two different institutions that are directly related to the control of the employment of young children.

The European Integration Unit made several brochures to describe the importance of this day. The brochures offered information based on Albanian legislation on the minimum age to employ children, the official working hours and also on the dangers of work for children.

16 Jun 2020

The European Integration and Foreign Assistance Unit in the Municipality of Mat has been distributing gifts that were specially selected for children in need and those with disabilities.

The gifts were provided by the “Municipalities for Europe” project and were distributed throughout all administrative units of the Municipality of Mat.

16 Jun 2020

Belsh, 16 June 2020 - The European Integration Unit at the Municipality of Belsh, held an informative meeting with the leaders and representatives of the Administrative Units of the municipality.

The topic selected by the EUIU was "The Role of Local Government in the European Integration Process of Albania"

16 Jun 2020
In a touching example of solidarity, an excellent cooperation has taken shape these difficult days, among the group of leaders and specialists of the European Integration Units in the Municipalities of Albania.
06 Apr 2020