"European Union Summer School", Patos. Young people embrace European values

  • Posted on: 22 July 2019
  • By: admin

The European Integration Unit at the Municipality of Patos in cooperation with the Center for Development, Cooperation and Integration (CDCI), an NGO established in Patos, have organized and conducted for 5 days the activity "European Union Summer School" with pupils from high schools of Patos.

This summer school was attended by 20 young people who were given the opportunity to expand their knowledge on various topics related to volunteering, the environment, the European Union, and various youth and civic issues as the next generation of European Albania.

Apart from indoors lectures and exercises, various cultural open-air events and excursions were part of the program, where young people had the opportunity to develop sportive-educational games on the beach of Zvernec.

Upon completion of the "EU Summer School", the students were provided with certificates and their distribution ceremony was held at the premises of the Municipality, in the presence of the Deputy Mayor Mr. Klaudio Alisinanaj.

This school has served for fostering their networking, as this youth group is expected to become self-sufficient to implement the 1-year volunteering calendar, where each month they will undertake a volunteer initiative in the service of the city and community they are part of.

This format will be applied by the European Integration Unit of Patos in the coming years, opening a window for all young people who wish to be part of European programs.