EU Local Coordinators are introduced with European Union policies at the local level - 13 April 2018

  • Posted on: 15 April 2018
  • By: admin

Following the enhancement of the capacities of EU local coordinators in all municipalities of the country, in order to successfully address the challenges that arise from the European integration process also for the local government units, the project “Municipalities for Europe” in cooperation with ASPA successfully completed a series (2) of two-day training sessions on “European Union Policies at the Local Level”.

All local EU coordinators, who currently administer the EU corners in each municipality, participated in these two training sessions that took place respectively on 5,6 and 12,13 April 2018 in the city of Vora.

In order to understand as clearly as possible, the position of the local government in the European integration process, the coordinators gained in-depth knowledge of the role and effects of integration in local government, the implementation of European standards and integration criteria at the local level within the Stabilization and Association Agreement. During the training, they were involved in various thematic incentives on translation of EU standards in the social, employment, environment, agriculture, human rights areas, etc. In this context, the co-ordinators were introduced to the 12 principles of good governance at the local level drafted by the Council of Europe.