EU Corner, social and educational summer activities for children and young people in Tropoja

  • Posted on: 9 October 2019
  • By: admin

The EU Corner in the Municipality of Tropoja in collaboration with several local civil society organizations (especially the Mary Word Loreto Foundation), Peace Corps volunteers, some local volunteers and the middle school Ali Podrimja in Bajram Curri, organized for the first time in Tropoja a "Summer School" for all children and youth of Tropoja from 9 to 18 years old.

Many families in poor economic condition are unable to send their children for summer vacations and under these conditions, these children do not have the space to engage in fun, educational and relaxing activities for their age. This summer school came as an opportunity for all children and youth of Tropoja to have fun, social and educational activities during the summer.

A large part of the summer school activities were also EU related ones, such as: Getting to know the EU symbols (children drawing the EU flag; singing the EU anthem); Familiarity with EU history and interesting facts about EU member states; Open discussions between the EU Local Coordinators and youth groups on their role; on volunteering and the importance of community engagement of youth, etc. 

In this context, the summer school successfully provided spaces for all types of activities from social, cultural, sports educational activities for all children and youth in the district of Tropoja where the goal was also to increase their capacity, self-esteem, the promotion of their talents and potential.