The Earth's international day sets in Cërrik through the EU Corner

  • Posted on: 23 April 2018
  • By: admin

A promotional activity on the occasion of the Earth International Day was organized today in Cërrik, bringing to the attention of the citizens, as well as the various central and local structures, the importance of the preservation of the environment and the good management of the land in this part of Albania, considered as highly productive and rich in different cultures.

This activity carried out by the City Hall, in cooperation with the project “Municipalities for Europe” under the auspices of the EU Corner in Cërrik, focused on the importance of land use and its preservation for Cërriku region.

The Mayor, Mr. Altin Toska, during his welcome speech underlined the importance of community engagement in environment protection and preservation. While Mr. Maksim Malaj, the Prefect of Elbasan district, discussed on the efforts made in coordinating works between the municipality of Cërrik and the central authorities on land use for the traditional agricultural crops of the area.

In the second part, the activity continued with art and crafts exhibition by artist Kosta Zhonga organized with the children of the city. During this part of the day, the children had the opportunity, assisted by the artist, to create entertaining objects and games with recyclable materials.

The International Earth Day is a worldwide event that is commemorated in many different countries with diverse forms of activities. The EU pays attention to this day, so the above event, implemented by the Project “Municipalities for Europe” and the EU corner of Cërrik, is organized on such a setting.