Capacity Building for EU Local Coordinators

  • Posted on: 11 February 2019
  • By: admin

The Municipalities for Europe Project in cooperation with the Ministry for the European and Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Erasmus Plus – Office of SALTO - YOUTH of South East Europe Resources, the European Solidarity Corps and the Organization "Beyond the Barriers" organized a two day meeting on "Capacity Building of EU local coordinators ".at the House of Europe in Tirana on 19-20 December 2018 with all EU Local Coordinators running the "European Integration Units" at the municipal level  

During the two days, the participants attended a rather intensive information cycle that focused on details about:

  • The financing scheme of the EU program "IPARD 2014 - 2020";
  • The EU Erasmus Plus Education and Sports Program 
  • Detailed information on the "European Solidarity Corps";
  • Certification of Agro-cultural products at international level;
  • Presentation of the negotiation process on the road towards the European integration, as 11 chapters of the ’acquis communitaire’ include the level of local governance.
  • Re-evaluation and presentation of the monitoring process of the local governments’ work in the European integration process.
  • Presentation of the work methodology of the EU funded project "ReLoad", which operates in several Local Government Units.
  • The institutionalization process of EU local units in each municipality around the country.

This two-day meeting was of special importance not only to the fact that the EU Corners at the Local Government Units in Albania are in the process of being transformed into "European Integration Units", which means, more staff who will have need to familiarise with the EU and its programs. Above all, it was important to recognize that by doing so, the EIU’s will have a primary role in Albania's EU membership process for all issues pertaining to the local government level in this process. 

For more information please follow the video materials below.