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On April 11-13, 2023, the "Municipalities in Europe" project, in collaboration with ASPA, continued its series of training sessions with the theme "Journey towards Writing a Successful Project Proposal". During the three-day training, trainees also were provided with a dedicated space for sharing their experiences and lessons learned from the application phases for Grants under the "EU for Municipalities" project, experiences which were shared by the experts of this project on the third day of training. The new staff of the European Integration Units, their second group, as well as the teams involved in writing and implementing projects funded by "Eu4M" grants, participated in the training. During the three-day training, topics and issues such as the identification of problems and actors that will be part of a project and its objectives, the expression of results and the organization of activities, project budgeting, etc., were addressed. The experts also provided detailed guidance on different situations encountered during project writing and implementation."