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Bashkitë për në Evropë/ Municipalities for Europe

Contract No. 2017/385-831



Overall Objective: Strengthening the governing capacities of municipalities on EU-related themes, as well as informing Albanian citizens and local administrations in Albania regarding EU, its policies and programs.



  • Support the consolidation and empowerment of the local government in Albania in the context of implementation of the National Crosscutting (Inter-sectorial) Strategy on Decentralization and Local Governance 2015-2020;
  • Assist all the Municipalities of Albania in creating an effective interaction between the EU and EU Local Offices /EU Corners in each Municipality in Albania and then in their efficient management;
  • Increase the knowledge of the “IPA” Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance and other major EU funds available to Albanian municipalities and citizens through success stories from concrete projects; 
  • Increase the capacities of stakeholders/interested parties at local level aiming at benefiting from IPA funds or other EU funds and programs, eligible for Albanian municipalities and citizens, through training/capacity building focused on the concept, design and writing of project proposals as well as application procedures;
  • Increase knowledge/information on the policies, objectives, priorities, institutions, programs and perspectives of the European Union, as well as clarify myths or misconceptions about the EU accession process;
  • Increase the capacities of local government in acquiring, understanding and disseminating information regarding the EU, with specific focus on the information targeting  municipalities’ administration itself, not only the public;
  • Increase municipal capacities to gather, both from the public and the local administration, elaborate and provide information that can deliver insight into the future programs and interventions of the Albanian Government, the EU and international partners;
  • To enhance interaction and coordination with the various information structures and other stakeholders, in particular with the EU Information Network 'EU Information Offices in Tirana, Shkodra and Vlora', the TACSO Project and the Member States of the EU, regarding the provision of information about the EU and the EU integration process.  


 Component 1:  EU Local Offices / EU Corners for Strengthening Local Institutions and Training.

  • Establishment of EU Local Offices, accessible and functional in all municipalities of Albania;
  • Ensuring a clear and operational management of the EU Local Offices through the provision of appropriate and tailor-made training in particular;
  • Provision/conduction of training on the possibility of benefiting from IPA funds or other EU funds and programs eligible for Albanian municipalities or citizens (how to design, write projects and application procedures). Establishment of electronic 'e-learning' training modules for the purpose of creating opportunities for local EU offices to deliver these trainings to their colleagues or other interested parties who may benefit from them;  
  • Conduct training on policies, objectives, priorities, institutions, programs and EU prospects, as well as clarifying myths or misunderstandings about the EU integration process. Special attention will be paid to policies at local level as well as to the City Council in particular with regard to its competences.   
  • Deliver trainings to all EU local offices/EU Corners throughout the project implementation, aiming at analyzing the progress and achievements of the project.


Component 2: Networking and online communication

  • Establishing interaction between municipalities and transferring knowledge through an on-line communication platform. Information about Municipalities, sharing of best practices, interaction between municipalities themselves or even with the central level institutions, will be enabled by this platform.
  • Evaluating the progress of the indicators related to the implementation of the political and economic criteria of European integration, according to each municipality and across the country, aiming at informing central and local authorities on governance issues and implementation levels, as well as interventions and upcoming/future programs by the European Union or other international partners. 


Component 3: Visibility and Events

  • Provision of tailor made dissemination of information regarding the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) as well as other relevant EU funds and programs eligible for the Albanian Municipalities or citizens;
  • Ensuring the distribution of EU information products (printouts, audiovisual products and electronic publications);
  • Providing support to the EU Delegation and the European Union Information Network in Albania regarding the implementation of information and communication activities, including various campaigns and events.


Crosscutting Activities

  • Sigurimi i vendosjes dhe mbajties së qëndrueshme të sinergjive me partnerët dhe palët e tjera të interesuara, në veçanti me Rjetin e Informimit të BE -së apo Shtëpinë e Evropës dhe Ambasadat e vendeve anëtare të BE -së në Shqipëri mbi informimin në lidhje me Bashkimin Evropian