“Education brings change!” Awareness activity in Durres, on the International Literacy Day

  • Posted on: 9 October 2019
  • By: admin

The activity themed “Education Brings Change” was organized at the Nishtulla Multifunctional Community Center, within the framework of the “International Literacy Day” which brought together public institutions and civil society organizations, children and parents of vulnerable communities in the area. It was made possible by the EU Corner of Durrës Municipality, Nishtulla Multifunctional Community Center, Terre des Hommes and the ARSIS Social Change Initiative.
Right to education and parental responsibility were at the core of this meeting which was followed by the presentation of locally provided services for lifelong education and learning, reflection on the challenges and necessary steps to be taken with regard to education and lifelong learning process and conveying a conscious message to the whole community.
The Mayor of Durres, Ms. Valbona Sako in her welcoming speech emphasized that Education is important for the future of every person and all society. From giving birth, you parents have a substantial responsibility for the implementation or non-implementation of educational actions, from which the registration, attendance and performance of your children depend significantly. I wish that in the near future days marked as International Literacy Day, are not days to express problems, but days to present new achievements and together find the best ways to bring development.

After talking about the right to education, lifelong learning and parental responsibilities, the participants were explained about services related to education and lifelong learning by representatives of the Local Education Office, “Isuf Ferra” Elementary School, Regional Labor Office, Directorate of Social Services, Administrative Unit 5, Nishtulla Health Center, Nehemia Social Center, Terres des hommes and Social Change Initiative-ARSIS.
The children were given art books made possible by the Nishtulla Multifunctional Community Center and the Terre des hommes organization through the German Government-funded IRMA project in collaboration with GIZ Albania to promote the reading, writing and expression skills of 30 children.
The event conveyed the message "A child, a parent, a teacher, a book, a pen, a word and an opportunity can change and save a person, a family, a community and the whole world."