Public meeting on the Role of Women and Community Engagement in the European Integration Process                                                    

Patos, 26 November 2018

Dear Deputy Minister Kuko, dear Mayor Balilaj,

Ladies and gentlemen, 

I am really glad to be here today in this event dedicated to such an important matter: the 'Role of women and community engagement in the European Integration Process'.

26 Nov 2018

On 14 September 2018, the EU Desk and Municipality of Kurbin organised the ago-cultural fair "Promoting Local and Traditional Products of the Kurbin Area".  The purpose of the fair was to promote businesses and various agro-agricultural products, cultural ethnography, as well as Kurbin's culinary. 

14 Sep 2018

After a full training session in the city of Vlora with 30 local EU coordinators administering the EU Corners in 61 municipalities of the country, the sequence of their capacity building continued in the city of Kruja on 15 and 16 March 2018.

Likewise, the first training, the focus of this session, for all the coordinators, was the methodology of interactive communication of EU Corners with various institutional stakeholders, domestic and international, in order to manage the daily work processes of the EU's Corner.

15 Mar 2018, 16 Mar 2018

Following the enhancement of the capacities of EU local coordinators in all municipalities of the country, in order to successfully address the challenges that arise from the European integration process also for the local government units, the project “Municipalities for Europe” in cooperation with ASPA successfully completed a series (2) of two-day training sessions on “European Union Policies at the Local Level”.

13 Apr 2018

A promotional activity on the occasion of the Earth International Day was organized today in Cërrik, bringing to the attention of the citizens, as well as the various central and local structures, the importance of the preservation of the environment and the good management of the land in this part of Albania, considered as highly productive and rich in different cultures.

23 Apr 2018