The "Role of Municipalities in the European Integration Process" has arrived also in Patos as part of the public meetings tour that the "Municipalities for Europe" project is conducting in each municipality of the country to present the findings from the Evaluation Report of Local Governance Performance in Albania regarding the EU Integration process.
03 Mar 2020

We present to the Municipality administration, civil society representatives and the community the Evaluation Report for 2018. 
The evaluation report sees an increase in ownership of the process by the Albanian Government. The Ministry of the Interior is committed to making this exercise an annual one, as well as being implemented under its leadership. 

13 Feb 2020

Together with Mrs. Jessi Sinakolli, the representative of the European Union Delegation to Albania, Mrs. Jolanda Trebicka, Project Manager and Coordinator of "Municipalities for Europe" and Ms. Iva Choku, Director of the Diversity Promotion Program in the Europe Council in Albania, an informative meeting was held in the premises of the Municipality of Gramsh, on various issues concerning the municipality and the possibility of financing projects that provide solution to such issues, through the help of EU funds. 

14 Feb 2020

TIRANA, 23 DECEMBER 2019 - Experts from the project "Municipalities for Europe" organized in the premises of the Municipality of Tirana the following training of leaders and representatives of the European Integration Units in the Municipalities of Albania.
The topic selected by MfE was on "Application Procedures under the Erasmus Plus Call - Capacity Building in the Youth Field 2020"

23 Dec 2019

On Monday, 25 November 2019, representatives of the European Integration and External Assistance Coordination Unit of the Mat Municipality held an informative activity to say ‘Stop to Disposable Plastic Facilities’, which are used for a few minutes, but need up to 200 years to decompose. 

To raise citizens’ awareness, representatives of the Unit held meetings with various traders in the city of Burrel, who also expressed their concerns about the use of plastic bags. 

25 Nov 2019
The European Integration Unit in the Municipality of Vau i Dejës with the special support of the Mayor, Mr. Mark Babani, hosted an extended information session with the city’s students on the topic "European Union and Albania". In a series of different booths, students received detailed information with dates and photographs on their journey to the European Union.
16 Nov 2020